Location: Midrand | Salary: Market Related | Job Type: Full Time and Permanent | Business Unit: South Africa – Cash Solutions | Region / Division: Cash Division | Reference: G4S/TP/7906265/225387

Remuneration and benefits will be commensurate with the seniority of the role and in compliance with company remuneration policy and practice.


Assistant Installation Technician – G4S Deposita, South Africa

Installation Technician will be responsible for ensuring proper and timely installation of systems and devices for the business.


1. Effective installation and maintenance

  • Assist to install or de-install new ABM on client’s premises.
  • Assist to provide training to the client on the day of installation and ensure completion of training certificate.
  • Assist to hand in paperwork related to the installation to the Inception Office Administrator the following day.
  • Assist with cleaning ABM Inside: (Use blower, brush, and wipe clean (Check that hinge bolts are tightened).
  • Assist with cleaning ABM Outside: (All labels present and in good condition).
  • Assist with checking all cable connections: (All cables neatly cable-tied).
  • Assist with cleaning and check frame rail.
  • Assist with servicing and clean canister: (Check corner and gears. Verify display of correct canister number on screen RFID tag).
  • Assist with servicing and clean Bill acceptor: (Clean lenses).
  • Assist with confirming dual modem (Yes or No). Record sim number. 
  • Assist with verifying that ABM SIM card send/receive / Open and close door.
  • Assist with verifying that ABM Serial Number: (Barcode number of ABM).
  • Assist with verifying ABM Flash Number.
  • Assist with servicing and clean batteries: (Check connections and conditions of battery).
  • Check power on batteries.
  • Assist with verifying time displayed by ABM.
  • Assist with verifying date displayed by ABM.
  • Assist with verifying software Version: (01 or 05).
  • Assist with servicing and clean printer.
  • Assist with verifying signal strength. Confirm extended aerial.
  • Assist with testing device with notes.

2. Stock and Seals

  • Assist with collecting and ensuring allocated equipment and tools are loaded after the installation.
  • Collect and deliver seals at Cash Centres.
  • Assist to ensure that seals in the stop loss bags corresponds with the list from the office.
  • Assist to ensure that all canisters are properly sealed when inserted at a client.

3. Safety Operating Procedures / Health and Safety

  • At all times during your daily task and installation wear the provided Personal Protective Equipment.
  • Daily check equipment that it is well maintained and fit to be used.
  • Ensure compliance with company site safety rules and procedures.
  • Maintain a positive interest in health, safety and well-being initiatives.  
  • Report all safety incidents to the relevant people.
  • Discuss all safety incidents on all levels.
  • Follow-up on any activities assigned through safety meeting/committee/representative/  management.
  • Comply with safety policies and procedures at workplace.
  • Distribute safety information as and when required.

4. Other Ad hoc responsibilities

  • Assist with repairing ABM’s on client’s sites and ensure in working condition before leaving the premises.
  • Assist with docking canisters at the Cash Centre “Regions”.
  • Ensure that canisters are docked at the factory under supervision.


1. Qualification and Experience

  • Grade 12.
  • Computer literate – ability to work on Excel, MS Outlook, Word.
  • Communication (written and verbal).
  • Sharing and cooperating.
  • Problem Solving.

2. Skills and Attributes

  • Work under pressure.
  • Dealing with changing circumstances.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Knowledge of power tools.


Deposita, a leading cash and payments management company based in South Africa.

We protect lives and livelihoods from the harmful, costly effects of money. With less handling, temptation, error and waste, you can be more efficient, more profitable, save more and trust more.

For over a decade, we perfected the art of cash management using world-class innovation, product development, manufacturing and implementation of technology to collect, handle, process, safeguard and dispense cash.

We provide tailored end-to-end cash, self-service, and payment management solutions for our customers in retail, wholesale and banking, sectors through in-depth consultations. We ensure every security need is met and exceeded every step of the way.

We draw from extensive knowledge and experience to design and implement cash management solutions for businesses operating in a range of sectors around the world.

Through in-depth consultations, we customise our state-of-the-art technology to meet our customers’ unique business needs and achieve results.

Our devices run on our industry-leading, international accredited operating platform. Your device and financial information are as secure as money in the bank. You can also monitor your device and its transactions from anywhere – completely automating your cash flow. We even incorporate existing systems and partner with current security services providers to create the best possible solution.

To ensure you get the most out of your device and cash management solution, you and your staff will receive thorough training at a location that suits you. Plus, we’ll provide you with customised operating manuals to meet your business’s specific requirements.

For more information on Deposita, please visit:


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