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The bullion Krugerrand coin is a legal tender gold coin and is the most popular gold coin in the world. The bullion Krugerrand coins comes in four sizes: 1oz, 1/2oz, 1/4oz and 1/10oz pure gold.  


Proof Krugerrands are more special and unique compared to Bullion Krugerrands. A Proof Krugerrand is hand-packed and encapsulated to help preserve it’s value.

Proof Krugerrands may also carry a special mint mark to commemorate specific events, making them more valuable than regular Krugerrands.

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Modern Coins


Modern numismatic coins are collectible coins that have been minted in modern times. These coins bear intricate designs and are inspired by a compelling story or moment in history from the world’s most prestigious mints

Extremely Rare & Unique ZAR Coins


ZARs are the first indigenous coins produced for the Republic of South Africa. Among the ZARs are five coins known as “The Big 5” ZARs; The Pond, Fine Beard (1874), The Pond, Coarse Beard (1874), The Sammy Marks Tickey (1898), The Double 9 Overstamp (1899) and The Veldpond (1902).



What is a medallion?

Medallions were created to commemorate a person or an event in history, just like a modern coin, but it doesn’t have a face value (for example a coin can say R100 or $5, and a Medallion will not have a face value). 

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